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​An Insider's Guide To Visiting The Boothbay Harbor Region
By Liz Giles-Brown

Traveling with Kids? Consult Chapter 7 to discover outings that will appeal to kids and kids at heart. This chapter also contains a section on local camp, tennis and sailing lessons. 

Chapter 11 is dedicated to providing you with all of your dining and food options. You'll check out this complete list of restaurants along with little bits of information about each one as you make decisions about what you want to eat.
Insider's Guide To Visiting The Boothbay Harbor Region          Liz Giles-Brown (207)633-6834               www.exploreboothbayharbor.com
C​hapter 1 contains all the general information about the area including the Boothbay Harbor Web Cam, directions, chamber of commerce, special events, grocery stores, specialty food markets, farm stands, farmer's markets, pharmacy, laundry facilities, worship, pet services, automobile services and emergency information.
Head out for a day downtown with Chapter 2. It includes information about parking, landmarks, public docks, parks, public restrooms and how to get around on the Rocktide Trolley.
Chapters 3 & 4 are dedicated to getting you on the water. They include sight seeing power and sailboat trips, trips with island destinations, kayak/boat rentals, fishing and lobster trap hauling. You’ll also find public launch sites in case you travel with your own kayak or boat.
​Consult Chapter 5 if you want to get in the water or walk along the shore, or take a scenic drive in the Boothbay Harbor Region. This chapter also includes other options for getting into the water if you’re staying someplace that doesn’t have a pool. Explore the rocky coastline and cove beaches.
Check Out What's Inside...
Chapter 6 takes you to the land preserve trails, many of which take you near the water’s edge with vistas with spectacular views. It also provides information about Maine’s Botanical Gardens located in Boothbay.
​Need to move? Chapter 6 took you out hiking the trails but  Chapter 8 takes you on a bikeride, to the YMCA, the local golf course, public tennis courts or out for a bike ride.  If you’re a history buff read Chapter 9. You’ll find information about historical societies and museums, a local fort, on a haunted history tour and where to find out about special events that might be scheduled during your visit.
Chapter 10 takes you out in the evening to a band concert, the opera house, the Boothbay Playhouse, a local movie theater or some of the local restaurants and bars for some live music.
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